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Heart salmon fishcake

Posted on February 8 2019

For a bit of fun, we have the Heart Salmon Fishcake because nothing says “True Love” like a fishcake! A really simple fishcake recipe that you can make in any shape you like....

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sole and scallops

Billingsgate insider

Valentine’s Day Seafood Special

Posted on February 8 2019

Fat, juicy, succulent, easy to prep, easy to cook, impressive, in the best condition right now. What fish I hear you cry? Well, quite a few in Billingsgate fit that description so we’re spoilt for choice, but Dover Sole, described as the “king’ of the soles”, springs to mind. Visit a restaurant with Dover Sole […]...

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SeaChips – Turning waste into profit

Posted on January 25 2019

Whilst the seafood industry has made great strides towards improving its sustainability over recent years, the sector still faces significant challenges over waste, with over half of seafood thrown away. To help tackle this issue, chefs Daniel Pawson and Dominic Smith have developed SeaChips. On learning that fishmongers tend to throw away salmon skins and […]...

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