• Red alert

    Prolific, voracious, invasive and totally delicious, it’s our gastronomic and environmental duty to catch, cook and eat American red signal crayfish, says Tom Hunt.

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  • Perfect match

    Lucy Bridgers takes a whistle-stop tour across Europe for inspiration on the perfect seafood and wine pairings this summer.

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  • Hot and smoky

    Never mind the fancy equipment, BBQ specialist Marcus Bawdon explains how you can hot smoke fish at home with nothing more complicated than a bread tin.

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  • In season

    Fish caught from the beach and chucked straight on to the BBQ, sardines blackened on a blistering grill, and beans and berries bursting with flavour. Tom Hunt on what’s good in August.

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Latest articles


Lighten up

Posted on August 18 2016

As summer struts its stuff, Rachel Walker makes the case for parking the potato in favour of lighter, more exciting partners for the season’s seafood....

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Billingsgate insider

Flatfish bonanza

Posted on August 19 2016

British plaice, brill and Dover sole, all in prime condition and plentiful supply, are the pick of Billingsgate this week, says our man on the spot....

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Jungle curry with crayfish

Posted on August 18 2015

This spicy coconut-free curry from northern Thailand is called kaeng pa. Although traditionally made with catfish, it works really well with sweet whole crayfish, says Tom Hunt....

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