tuna with relish

Char-Grilled Tuna with Aubergine and Chilli Relish

After the “beast from the east” comes sunshine at last! Enjoy it while it lasts! If you can’t bbq this weekend, why not try char-grilling some seafood as a lovely alternative to burgers and bangers. Fish has so many, great, nutritional benefits going for it, it’s a fantastic source of protein and typically low in […]

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Recording invasive species

Invasive non-native species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity worldwide. Quick to establish themselves, invasive species can threaten whole ecosystems and cause serious problems to both the environment and the economy. In Britain, the most problematic land-based invasive species are well known, such as the North American grey squirrel, which has nearly wiped […]

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oyster 3

Upcoming events: April 2018

Plymouth Seafood Festival 19 April.  Plymouth Seafood Festival is back for its 7th year in 2018 and is set to bring The Barbican and Sutton Harbour alive with entertainment, activities and dishes to celebrate the city’s fantastic caught seafood.  Plymouth is the first city in the world to be awarded the Fish2Fork Blue City status […]

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grilled fish2

Cooking Fish

FISH ON FRIDAY!  This week it’s all about eating fish on Good Friday.  Historically, Christians ate fish on Friday, because every Friday was a fast day.  Fasting involved avoiding meat as it used to be a luxury food which only rich people could afford. Fish, on the other hand, was easily caught, so was considered […]

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15193543_212757762499172_5929541569985437237_n ENDERBY

Upcoming events: March 2018

Here’s the lowdown on seafood events this month! Broadstairs Spring Fair. In the leafy green of Pierremont park, over 17,000 foodies will flock to Kent for all sorts of tasty treats, chef demonstrations and fun activities. When it comes to savouring some of the wonderful food, you will be spoilt for choice by the highest quality […]

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Love of a Fisherman

Chantelle Williams speaks about the true price paid for fish by the wives of UK fishermen. “Every day I kiss Pete and tell him to have a good day at sea because I never know if I’ll see him again. Not many people realise the hard, hard work and draining emotion that fishing families come […]

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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

  Fish on Friday interviews Mike and Malani on the highs and lows of being a fishing family in the small town of Cordova in Alaska. What’s life like in Cordova? Mike: Cordova is a small, fishing community located on the eastern edge of the Prince William Sound and the western edge of the Copper […]

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Are you eating your two-a-week?

We all know that seafood is delicious and nutritious, but do you know how many portions of fish you should eat each week? Health experts recommend that you have two servings of seafood each week, one of which should be an oily fish like mackerel or sardines. We never need an excuse to eat more […]

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Millers fish and chips

Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award – Millers Fish and Chip Shop

  We caught up with Nick, whose 4th generation family business won the Fish and Chip Shop of the Year award this year and came third last year. Was it the offer of the usual cod and haddock that clinched it for the Millers, or was it the choice of a separate, gluten-free and halal […]

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mackerel - SS@B (2)

Grilled Mackerel with Chilli and Ginger Baste

Oily fish including mackerel and herring have high levels of the health-giving Omega 3 known to benefit the heart, help keep cholesterol levels under control and thought to reduce the likelihood of some cancers – all good reasons to try and include these oily fish in your diet a few times each week.   Serves […]

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Shiver me Timbers – It’s a Seaweed Infused Rum!

Wales isn’t often the place you associate with pirates but Jonathan Williams, founder of a new, seaweed-infused rum Barti Ddu, thinks we should. “During the Golden Age of Piracy between the 1650’s – 1730’s, around half of Europe’s pirates were thought to originate from Wales”, he tells us. “I think we should be celebrating this […]

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The Mermaid Inn

Upcoming events: February 2018

Here’s the lowdown on seafood events this month!   Time to get nerdy. Science and oysters don’t normally go hand in hand, but The CoCoast SE in Portsmouth are challenging that perception this month with a talk from local PhD student, Luke Helmer, about oyster restoration efforts in the Solent. Not near Portsmouth? No sweat. […]

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