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The Fishermen’s Mission launches unique ‘Catch of the Day’ online auction

National charity, the Fishermen’s Mission, is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new fundraising initiative, its ‘Catch of the Day’ online auction. This involves a range of national artists and celebrities including Fern Britton, Alan Titchmarsh, Caroline Quentin and Jonathan Dimbleby among others, giving up their time to paint a ceramic sculpture in […]

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Coming Soon – Rockfish restaurant in Exeter

Mitch Tonks, award-winning chef and restaurateur in the South West, opens the first of three, new Rockfish restaurants in 2019 – the first of which will open in Exeter on 18 March. Mitch has become one of the most respected and knowledgeable seafood chefs and restaurateurs in the UK.  He has a love for seafood […]

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Barbecued Prawns

Seafish launch Think Seagan campaign

Seafish have launched their new Think Seagan campaign, a programme that aims to combine the plant-based diet of veganism with the healthy protein of seafood. Tying in to their “2 a Week” campaign that aims to increase British fish consumption back to the recommended 2 portions a week, Think Seagan presents an exciting new way of combining the health […]

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urban food fest

Upcoming Events: March 2019

Spring is in the air – why don’t you banish the winter blues and visit one of these seafood events this month!   Urban Food Fest Saturdays, London 2 March – 26 October Urban Food Fest Shoreditch street food market is open every Saturday from the start of March to mid-November at Euro Car Parks, […]

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rye bay fishing boat

Rye Bay Scallop Week

It’s shucking time again! The 17th Rye Bay Scallop Week, is once again upon us.  Scheduled from Saturday 23rd February to Sunday 3rd March 2019, it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in seafood delights and gives the whole town the opportunity to come together to celebrate the local catch, and the people who catch […]

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sole and scallops

Valentine’s Day Seafood Special

Fat, juicy, succulent, easy to prep, easy to cook, impressive, in the best condition right now. What fish I hear you cry? Well, quite a few in Billingsgate fit that description so we’re spoilt for choice, but Dover Sole, described as the “king’ of the soles”, springs to mind. Visit a restaurant with Dover Sole […]

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190201 blue tuna

Embracing blockchain: tracing fish from source to plate

The World Wildlife Foundation is backing a new platform called OpenSC that uses blockchain, a shared digital record, to enable consumers to trace fish from ship to kitchen. The app uses quick response (QR) codes to allow people to learn where their fish was caught, how it was produced and its movements along the supply […]

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SeaChips – Turning waste into profit

Whilst the seafood industry has made great strides towards improving its sustainability over recent years, the sector still faces significant challenges over waste, with over half of seafood thrown away. To help tackle this issue, chefs Daniel Pawson and Dominic Smith have developed SeaChips. On learning that fishmongers tend to throw away salmon skins and […]

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Photo by Martin Pettitt

Global Fisheries Threatened by Declining Ocean Health

The latest research from the Copernicus Marine Service highlights a worrying drop in the health of our oceans. Rising temperatures in the global ocean and European seas, alongside an unprecedented decline in Arctic sea ice, assert the extent of the link between human-caused climate change and the state of Earth’s oceans and subsequently our marine […]

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elite fish and chip company

Lincolnshire Chip Shop Featured in The Book of Amazing People

Following a successful 30th anniversary year, the Elite Fish & Chip Company ended 2018 on a high after being the only business to be featured in The Book of Amazing People. The Lincolnshire-based family-run business made the final cut and has its own dedicated chapter in the prestigious book – a ground-breaking project showcasing individual […]

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Chefs for Fish

Chefs in the United States are joining forces and taking a stance on sustainable seafood.  Chefs for Fish is a group of chefs raising support for an initiative called the ‘Portland Pact for Sustainable Seafood’. The pact calls for chefs to offer only environmentally sustainable food and to incorporate this principle into their sourcing whenever […]

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Fishing in the High Seas – should we stop it?

The High Seas – an area of open waters not owned or governed by any single state / country – covers a vast proportion of the world’s salt waters. To date, the High Seas has been an available resource for all that could exploit it. And exploit they have. The trouble of an equally shared resource is […]

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