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Fish on Friday aims to reconnect the British public with their local fisheries and their coastal communities. To do this we want to share inspiring stories of the skill and innovation that brings Britain’s seafood onto our plates. Whether it’s a story of inshore fishermen selling direct to British homes and restaurants, adapting the way they […]

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serene skye

This week’s fishermen & fishmongers

Our interactive map is constantly growing with new fishermen, fishmongers and merchants from across the country. Each week we will feature some of the new entries to the site, telling the story of the methods they use to catch and sell their seafood and the range of species available across the UK.

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David Simon handlining for Mackerel in Cornwall

News from the Ports

Each week Clive Palfrey, provides an update on the comings and goings from the UK’s fishing ports and markets. Pulled together from skippers and merchants across the country this piece provides an insight into the UK’s fishing fleets and the amazing range of seafood they land every day.

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COVID-19: £10,000 available for fishermen with a lockup on-shore.

Among a suite of measures announced by the government to support businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, one-off grants of £10,000 will be made available to small-businesses that have an on-shore premises

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COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Application

Please: – Answer each question concisely in the box provided. Where possible, please use bullet points. – Read the Guidance Notes carefully before completing this form to ensure that the organisation is eligible and the activities for which a grant is being sought match the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust’s (FCFCT) COVID-19 priority areas. – […]

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crowdfund graphic

Setting up a Crowdfunder: A How to Guide

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, restaurants, cookery schools and charities are teaming up to provide free meals for the most vulnerable people in our communities and have used Crowdfunder to help finance their work. There is a great opportunity to use seafood to provide healthy and nutritious meals for those in self-isolation, on low […]

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Whiting Soup

Whiting Soup

A simple and tasty soup to make using this great whitefish

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smoked haddock risotto

Smoked Haddock Risotto

A classic risotto dish

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Hake in a Hurry

Not much time? Well fear not because with this recipe you could have wonderful hake in no time at all, so give it a try

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Keep Up to Date with Fathom

In the current circumstances it is more important than ever that fishermen and the rest of the public stay up to date latest developments. The Fathom Podcast presents a fantastic way to stay plugged in to the latest news in the fishing industry and understand what this means for fishermen and consumers. The latest episode […]

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Squid Thai

Crispy, Golden Squid with Thai Style Dipping Sauce

An easy but refreshing and zingy recipe

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Pollock with a Crusty Topping

Super quick and tasty! An easy way to serve up a tasty fish dish in under 10 minutes

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