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Seafood Week – Day 7

This is the best Plaice for fish. Plaice is a mild flavoured fish easily identified by the distinctive orange spots on its skin, which also give an indication of the freshness (the brighter the spots, the fresher the plaice). Unlike Dover sole, Plaice is best eaten as fresh as possible, as the flavour quickly fades. […]

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Seafood Week – Day 6

Langoustines – small but mighty, and good for the heart! Whatever you choose to call them, these delicious crustaceans are packed with iodine, selenium and phosphorus. The ultimate protein, langoustines are rich in Omega-3, which is good for heart health and can reduce your cancer risk. Also known as Dublin Bay prawns, nephrops and Norwegian […]

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Seafood Week – Day 5

Small but mighty Scallops  Nothing cheers up your mid-week menu quite like scallops. Not only are they fast and easy to prepare, but they’re delicious and can be cooked in a variety of ways. “Pearls of the sea”, these meaty beauties are wrapped in an orange roe, which gives each scallop a slight crunchy texture […]

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Seafood Week – Day 4

Day 4 Monday – Fish & Chips  You will be remarkably chipper by now, but hope your stomach will not take a battering!  Fish and chips is an absolute classic – battered, breaded, baked, fried – It is a treat for all the senses. Now is the perfect time to enjoy some fish and chips, […]

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Seafood Week – Day 3

Day 3 Sunday – Show me your Mussels   Enjoy these delicious morsels this Sunday. Classic recipes such as moules marinières and moules provençale are rightly popular – and paella wouldn’t be the same without them! The UK grows fantastic mussels. The UK’s native mussel is now cultivated on ropes suspended in the water and […]

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Seafood Week – Day 2

Day 2 Saturday – Crabtivating Crab     Sweet and captivating I bet you didn’t know that male crabs, native to Britain, can contain more white meat than the female hens, are easier to cook and are generally preferred by chefs.  Now you know!!  Perfect in chowders, crab cakes, salads and pasta, this tasty crustacean […]

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Seafood Week – Day 1

Marvellous Mackerel A great value fish with a distinctive flavour, mackerel is packed with healthy oils which makes it healthy as well as delicious! Rich in flavour and omega-3! One of the richest sources of omega-3, mackerel has greyish flesh with a rich flavour, which is best grilled or baked. Any sauce should be sharp […]

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Seafood Week 2018

Seafood week is an annual campaign run by Seafish aiming to get more people consuming fish on a regular basis. Seafish is looking for the event to be the biggest yet in 2018  and are actively looking for  new partnerships with major brands to join with existing supporters to make Seafood Week 2018 a great success […]

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Upcoming events: October 2018

1-7 Oct – England’s Seafood FEAST England’s Seafood Coast will play a feast for all the senses at the English Riviera. You will be able to eat some of the best seafood in the world and experiencing the very best the English Riviera has to offer.  This truly unique experience gives a new perspective on […]

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Cedar Planked Salmon

Is there any fish tastier and meatier than salmon? Salmon is a versatile fish, very popular and easy to cook. This cedar planked salmon, cooked on a BBQ, is the ideal recipe if you want to serve something different to steak or juicy burgers.  Why not try this before the cold weather sets in. A […]

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Seafarers UK Calls on Government to value UK Fishermen’s Lives

A charity that has been helping people in the maritime community for more than 100 years has called upon Government to ensure that fishermen’s lives are as well protected as the fish they catch. Seafarers UK’s response to Defra’s Fisheries White Paper: ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’ argues that more must be done to ensure […]

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Knife Skills – Gut, fillet and shuck like a fishmonger

  The Seafood School at Billingsgate’s Gut, Fillet and Shuck class is a morning well spent – this day is informal, but hugely informative as you discover Billingsgate and how to prepare fish like a professional. Starting at 6am you will: learn about Billingsgate and spend a couple of hours on the market focusing on […]

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