A slice of greatness

In celebration of the approaching British Sandwich Week, which runs 8-14 May, here’s six of the best fillings we’ve come across – all seafood, naturally.

1. The fish finger sandwich
As soon as fish fingers were introduced to Britain in 1955, they were rammed between two slices of bread and turned into a tea-time staple. The double-carb (breaded fish in bread) has remained a long-enduring classic: perfect handheld comfort food.

2. The twist on a bacon butty
Smoked eel first came to our attention as a pork alternative back in 2014, when the Guardian published Tom Kerridge’s compelling short: “it’s like the poshest bacon ever,” he says. In this sandwich, chef Jeremy Lee pairs the oily smoked fish with horseradish to give it a fierce kick. Superb.

3. The sophisticated sandwich
Helen Graves, whose 101 Sandwiches is surely the definitive exploration of the medium, assembles an elegant creation here, using slivers of pink radishes and just a hint of salty anchovy mixed into the herb butter. Serve open: it’s far too beautiful to enclose.

Radish sandwiches with anchovy and herb butter, by Helen Graves, Great British Chefs

Radish sandwiches with anchovy and herb butter, by Helen Grave, Great British Chefs

4. The tuna melt
This store cupboard winner is another comfort food favourite. Though tuna melts often come in baguette form, we agree with Kelis here that nothing beats a toastie maker and sliced bread for a retro melt.

Tuna Melt, Kelis, The Guardian

Tuna melt, by Kelis, The Guardian

5. The crab roll
Crab solo with a hint of mayonnaise on plain brown bread is pretty special, especially if it’s really fresh. But the slices of pickled cucumber in this roll by Bonnie Gull’s Luke Robinson help cut the richness and add some zing, making it even more perfect for a summer’s day.

6. The sardine sandwich
Is there anything more evocative of Mediterranean holidays than BBQ sardines and a chunk of bread? Ben Tish ups the association even more by adding the flavours of smoked rosemary and thyme, and a rub of tomato too. A truly transporting summer sandwich.

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