Cedar Planked Salmon

Is there any fish tastier and meatier than salmon?

Salmon is a versatile fish, very popular and easy to cook. This cedar planked salmon, cooked on a BBQ, is the ideal recipe if you want to serve something different to steak or juicy burgers.  Why not try this before the cold weather sets in.

A great cooking method

The flavours of salmon develop fully when the cooking method is gentle and the accompanying flavours robust but complimentary.

It may sound a complicated method, but cedar plank cooking is similar to steaming. Retaining all of its moisture, the salmon also picks up an extra layer of flavour. Notes of wood and charcoal are perfect for bringing out the hidden flavours of this fish.

How to cook with cedar planks

Cedar planked cooked salmon is much easier than you think. There are a few things you need to remember, such as making sure there is a distance between the heat source, ie the white charcoal and the cedar planks.  By not sitting directly on the heat, food such as salmon is cooked thoroughly but gently, and without becoming charred or dry.

You’ll also need to pre-soak the cedar planks in water. It is the evaporation of the water soaked deep into the wood that gives the salmon the extra layer of flavour that you and your guests will love.

Why cook with wood?

Cooking with wood to enhance the flavour of ingredients such as meat and fish is nothing new. In fact, it is a cooking method that has been around for centuries.  The aromatic smoke from the cedar wood adds another dimension to food cooked in this way, with the results being a slightly sweet, charred coating to the salmon.

Much easier than you think!

Cooking with cedar planks over the white-hot coals of the BBQ is much easier than you think. It is another method of cooking that allows you to enjoy a wide range of foods and dishes.

It is a skill that Seasoned Cookery School also teach their culinary students. Why not give it a go?

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