COVID-19: £10,000 available for fishermen with a lockup on-shore.

Among a suite of measures announced by the government to support businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, one-off grants of £10,000 will be made available to small-businesses that have an on-shore premises. If you have a lockup, loft, shed or store and you’ve ever qualified for Small Business Rate Relief, then you should soon receive a letter from your local authority– you won’t have to act to claim this grant, it will be paid directly to you if you qualify. For any questions on Small Business Grants, contact your council directly.

There are a wide range of government schemes open to the fishing industry, including self-employed income support, mortgage and loan holidays, and help with marketing and direct selling. If you are in a position to sell your catch, please make sure you are on our interactive map of seafood suppliers, just email us directly at if you’d like to be added.


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