Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award – Millers Fish and Chip Shop



We caught up with Nick, whose 4th generation family business won the Fish and Chip Shop of the Year award this year and came third last year. Was it the offer of the usual cod and haddock that clinched it for the Millers, or was it the choice of a separate, gluten-free and halal menu? Winning the award is no mean feat, as it recognises the Millers for consistently producing the best fish and chips across the UK.

This is what Nick had to say. 

We’re a fourth generation, family-run fish and chip restaurant with a 77-year history. We’ve had our shop in Haxby for over 50 years and me (Nick), my Dad (David), and my Mum (Lesley) all work in the shop with our amazing team of staff.

To be the best fish and chip shop, the most important thing is to get the quality right You can only cook fish and chips so many ways, but the secret is in the temperature of the oil, the quality of the fish and potatoes you’re using, and making sure your batter mix is just right. It’s about being happy with every single dish that leaves the kitchen and making sure that every single customer who walks through the door leaves fully satisfied.

Keen on sustainability, all our haddock and cod are MSC-certified, line-caught in the Barents Sea, filleted on-board the MS Leinebris Vessel and frozen on board within three hours. This ensures a quality of the absolute highest standard. Longline fishing is considered as an environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method.

We work closely with the Leinbo family and pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our supply chain. We’ve visited them twice to learn more about the longline fishing methods and we now know what happens to our haddock and cod from the moment they are hooked to the moment they arrive in Haxby.

As well as our delicious cod and haddock, we sell a seafood basket containing prawns, salt & pepper squid and calamari rings; scampi; plaice; homemade fish cakes; and often rotate the menu to include new items on special occasions. This can be anything from sardines and tuna to mussels and hake!

Our favourite fish is got to be our prime fillet of haddock with unlimited, freshly fried chips, but it’s great to see so many customers enjoying our seafood baskets that continue to grow in popularity. It’s always encouraging when customers are willing to try new things, which is why we love adding specials to the board when we get the chance.

To enjoy the dish at its best, add salt and vinegar on the chips before the fish goes on, another quick splash of vinegar and sprinkle of salt if needed, and enjoy with a delicious side portion of mushy peas!

What you’re eating from is important too. To avoid soggy bottoms in fish and chips, they’re best eaten straight from biodegradable sugar cane boxes as they allow air to circulate and any steam to escape.

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