Fishermen invited to contribute to safety consultation

boats_04In the last 10 years there have been 46 fatalities on small fishing vessels, prompting the Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) to make several recommendations designed to improve safety on board boats under 15m. The Maritime & Coastguard Agency are now inviting comments on the new code of practice for small fishing vessels, developed from these recommendations.

Some of these recommendations came into force in 2017 with the introduction of MSN 1871 code, with requirements around life saving appliances, detecting flooding, construction of new fishing vessels, stability of new fishing vessels of 12m and over, crew accommodation and modifications to vessels.

The new code has proposed new requirements relating to:

– Construction, watertight and weather-tight integrity for all vessels
– Stability for new and existing vessels of all sizes
– Machinery for all vessels
– Electrical installations for all vessels
– Crew protection
– Man overboard recovery
– In and out of water inspections

Fishermen have been invited to read the proposed code and provide their comments and feedback in a consultation. The necessary documents and full details can be found here.

Photo from Seafish

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