Knife Skills – Gut, fillet and shuck like a fishmonger

Aww shucks!


The Seafood School at Billingsgate’s Gut, Fillet and Shuck class is a morning well spent – this day is informal, but hugely informative as you discover Billingsgate and how to prepare fish like a professional.

Starting at 6am you will:
learn about Billingsgate and spend a couple of hours on the market focusing on what fish and shellfish are available and how to tell it is the best quality
tuck into a fishy breakfast cooked by the School’s chefs
spend a morning with one of talented and expert blocksmen learning all the tricks of the trade
learn how to care for your knives and how to sharpen and hone a knife – it’s all about knife work for the best result
work with around 10 different types of fish and learn how to: clean it, skin it, fillet it and pocket it
work with some shellfish and learn how to shuck an oyster, clean a scallop and you are shown how to dress a crab

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