Love of a Fisherman

FM Pete & Chantelle 8 - Copy

Chantelle Williams speaks about the true price paid for fish by the wives of UK fishermen.

“Every day I kiss Pete and tell him to have a good day at sea because I never know if I’ll see him again. Not many people realise the hard, hard work and draining emotion that fishing families come up against on a daily basis. Constant, often paralyzing worry, wondering if Pete is ok, if the boat is ok, if the weather is stormy.”

FM Pete & Chantelle 4 - Copy

You will regularly find Chantelle at the harbour side, helping unload and sort Pete’s catch before selling the fish to local businesses and residents. But Chantelle also tells of the times when she and her eight year-old daughter, Alishia, have made their way to the harbour to find Pete’s boat has not returned.

“The anxiety gnaws away at our insides. The evening turns to night and the daylight fades, we peer long and hard into the inky blackness. We know he should be here but he isn’t. The hours tick by and eventually we can pick out two tiny lights on the horizon. Pete’s boat is on its way home and our relief is overwhelming.”

Fishermen’s wives never know if today will be the day when their husbands do not come home. How many other peacetime jobs are there is the UK which place this much anxiety and stress upon the family?


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