News from the Ports: 28th May

Each week Clive Palfrey, Regional Safety Adviser for Seafood Cornwall Training, provides an update on the comings and goings from the UK’s fishing ports and markets. Pulled together from skippers and merchants across the country this piece provides an insight into the UK’s fishing fleets and the amazing range of seafood they land every day.

South West England


Some of the Newlyn netters that have been fishing for MSC hake and pollock throughout the winter period, have now moved over to fishing for monkfish and turbot for the summer. These two species of fish are usually sold to restaurants as a more expensive prime fish. The fishing industry is getting increasingly concerned about there not being enough demand from the restauranteurs to purchase these fabulous fish, making it even more important that the public continue to buy direct from fishermen and merchants wherever they can.

2805 fish

 There has been very little hand-line caught mackerel landed on the market this week and in general the quantities of fish landed this week has been low. There will, however, be fish arriving from the beam trawlers towards the end of the week which will hopefully bump up Friday’s market.

STAR BUY: John Dory. This wonderful fish, in my opinion, is one of the tastiest fish caught in our waters. They are more abundantly caught throughout the Summer. Learn how to use John Dory in a fabulous, Basque dish by clicking here.

Pictured is Scott Govier skipper of the Joyful Spirit PH29, holding up a John Dory caught from the middle of the English Channel. Scott is one of the leading skippers in the Southwest of England, with over thirty years experience of trawling in Cornish waters. He is currently twin rig trawling, targeting species such as Lemon Sole, monkfish and cuttlefish.


Whelk fishing boats are reporting steady fishing, helped along by some finer weather over the past few days. As overseas markets start to reopen, the demand for shellfish is starting to grow again. In North Wales there have been some reasonable landings of hand-line caught bass. With fishermen direct selling to the general public, they are getting up to £15.00 per kilo, which is a fantastic increase on the £5.00 per kilo they were making before.

North East England

North Shields

The prawn fishermen are now starting to get back to sea with small outlet shops opening, trading and buying their catch, the larger processors are unfortunately still closed which makes prices a considerable amount lower than they should be. There is still a large amount of this fleet still tied up alongside the quay. The shellfish boats are back fishing and but as markets remain restricted it has been a relatively slow start to summer fishing.

South East England

Julie Waites, Seafish

The recent good weather has allowed the inshore fishing boats some better days fishing. Line caught seabass landings continue , normally found at 1-2 kg, but reports of up to 6kg are also being caught which would have been popular with the restaurant trade . We are starting to see mackerel, which should increase over the next 4 weeks. Plaice, gurnard, and monkfish landings continue and demand for crabs and lobster, especially into London remains very good.


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