Rye Bay Scallop Week

It’s shucking time again!

The 17th Rye Bay Scallop Week, is once again upon us.  Scheduled from Saturday 23rd February to Sunday 3rd March 2019, it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in seafood delights and gives the whole town the opportunity to come together to celebrate the local catch, and the people who catch it.  The charmingly quaint town of Rye, Sussex, receives many visitors – some of whom love it so much they come to live here. But the original people of Rye descend from fishermen, boat builders, shepherds and smugglers.

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Restaurants will be showcasing an array of different scallop dishes. Come to this event hungry, as you’ll be fed from morning to night on a diet of scallops, scallops and more scallops! Rye Bay scallops are served in many restaurants in the area throughout the Scallop season, so you don’t have to wait for Scallop Week. Just contact the restaurants on the site to see if scallops are on the menu.  Don’t forget to book your restaurant or call before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

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Of course, there will also be Scallop events including tasting events, cookery schools and demonstrations, live music and more!

As part of the festival, The George in Rye are hosting a competition to win a stay in a luxurious Junior Suite with breakfast and dinner included!  Find out more at https://thegeorgeinrye.com/competition/

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Concerned about the environment? Well you need not be, since harvesting of scallops in Sussex is one of the most stringent in terms of restrictions. Local bye-laws restricting the fishermen to harvesting their scallop catch from 1st November until 30th April are strictly adhered to by Rye’s fleet who use the small (under 10 metre) RX registered boats. The beds are checked regularly and allowed to regenerate when necessary. There are also size restrictions on the catch, leaving the smaller scallops in the water for future years.  Checks undertaken by both Defra and the local fishermen ensure that stocks are healthy and sustainably maintained.

To find out more, visit the festival website here: http://scallop.org.uk/

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