Seafood Week 2018

Seafood week is an annual campaign run by Seafish aiming to get more people consuming fish on a regular basis.

Seafish is looking for the event to be the biggest yet in 2018  and are actively looking for  new partnerships with major brands to join with existing supporters to make Seafood Week 2018 a great success for the seafood industry. All sorts of businesses will be tempting consumers with great ways to buy, cook and dine out on a wide variety of seafood choices, while also championing the cause through their own marketing activities and publicity channels to eat more seafood, more often.



The 2018 campaign will kick start with the ever-popular social media campaign #fishpunday to engage with the consumers and to allow businesses to be more visible to potential customers. Each day a different species will be featured along with other seafood alternatives to make consumers aware of the vast array of seafood available in the UK.

Year on Year Growth of Seafood Week (2016 v 2017)
  • 8.3% sales increase from £133 million to £143 million
  • 85% uplift increase in media figures from 130 million to 240 million
  • 8% uplift in web traffic from 56,705 to 61,433
  • 25% uplift in social media twitter users from 6,767 to 8442


For more details and to find out how you can get involved with Seafood Week, visit the website at or contact Seafish’s Marketing Manager Heather Middleton

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