Seafood Week – Day 4

Day 4 Monday – Fish & Chips 


You will be remarkably chipper by now, but hope your stomach will not take a battering!  Fish and chips is an absolute classic – battered, breaded, baked, fried – It is a treat for all the senses.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy some fish and chips, which is actually a healthy take out choice. Whether you like enjoy the staple favourites haddock and cod, or are partial to the fellow white fish hero’s hake, coley or plaice; fish and chips is awesome.  There’s lots of variety of white fish in UK waters so we should be eating more of this fantastic fish!

When it comes to takeaways, our iconic fish and chips is full of nutritional elements for you. The fat and calories in the average portion of fish and chips is far better for you than pizzas, curries or other takeaway options.

So a takeaway treat doesn’t have to be as sinful as you think. UK fish and chip shop owners pride themselves on serving up tasty and delicious seafood options from the nations favourite dish fish and chips to lots of other options. Pop into a Fish and Chip shop and see what you can be served this week.

Fish doesn’t need to be complicated, you can easily take the fuss out of fish by choosing some of the fantastic seafood options from the chiller and freezer aisles.  You can get gastro meals to family favourites from retailer ranges and seafood brands like Young’s Seafoods, Whitby Seafoods and The Saucy Fish Co. Great care and preparation has been undertaken to provide shoppers with tasty treats across different price points.

Ready-prepared seafood options are the perfect partner for any busy life, whether that’s the professional couple, a young family or younger/older single household.

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