The World is your Oyster

From fisherman to chef and from mussel farmer to fishmonger, the seafood industry is filled with a huge variety of different career options.

A new video from Seafish, The World is your Oyster, outlines the sheer range of job possibilities tied to fishing and aquaculture. Featuring fish and chip shop owners, fishermen, fishmongers and seafood buyers, the video outlines the diversity of careers in the industry and the opportunities available to young people within the sector.

Highlighting the potential to “earn as you learn”, to quickly progress through the sector and the strength of salaries that can be offer the campaign is designed to encourage young people into the sector in its entirety. Whether you are from an academic background or are better with your hands, there are numerous career options available in the seafood sector that to date many young people simply have not been aware of.

This video is part Seafish’s campaign to encourage young people to follow a career in seafood and follows their The World is your Oyster report that investigates young peoples attitudes to the sector and barriers to engagement.

You can watch the video here:

Featured image: Seafish

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