Then & Now: An Enchanted Landscape
17 January-21 March

Picture credit ‘Sea Dreams (Mousehole Harbour), by Geraldine Underell, c.1940s

Sea Dreams (Mousehole Harbour), by Geraldine Underell, c.1940s.

Have you ever wondered how much Penzance has changed over time? This fascinating exhibition, curated by members of Penlee’s Photographic  Volunteers group, may hold some of the answers.

Taking as its inspiration John Blight’s pioneering guide of 1861, “A Week at Land’s End”, the exhibition takes the visitor on an intriguing tour following in the footsteps of 19th- and early 20th-century tourists. A selection of new photographs, specially commissioned for this show, will be shown alongside the historic work, revealing some surprising truths about the changes to the area over the years.

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