Totally Thames Festival 2018

Totally Thames is an annual season of surprising, diverse and accessible arts and culture throughout the month of September. The programme is curated and managed by the Thames Festival Trust, with activity taking place on, beneath, and along the River Thames.

Launched in 2014, Totally Thames emerged from the idea to expand and replace the hugely successful two-day Thames Festival along the South Bank and Bankside that ran from 1997 -2013.  The month-long programme runs along the 42-mile stretch of the Thames through working collaboratively with artists, local communities, river interest organisations and businesses.  The Festival aims to champions a diverse and sustainable riverfront, inspire the next generation of rivers ambassadors and support emerging talent, placing the River Thames at the heart of new work.

This year, it has plunged into the rich history of London’s Race for Doggett’s Coat and Badge through its heritage project, The World’s Oldest Boat Race. This ancient rowing race on the Thames is believed to be the oldest continually competed sporting event in the world. Despite its fascinating history, it has long been overshadowed by the much more famous Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. For the first time in the race’s history, Doggett’s Race will be taking place on 4 September as part of Totally Thames’ activities.

Other events as part of the festival include pop-up performances, boating events, art installations, River clean-ups, live performances, talks, workshops and much more.

Totally Thames forms part of the artistic programme delivered by the Thames Festival Trust that was set up in 1997 by Adrian Evans. The mission of Thames Festival Trust to increase the appreciation of rivers and their importance to us all through creating and promoting river and river-related art, education and heritage programmes.

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